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July 29, 2009

Villa De Amore Wedding in Temecula, Ca

Wow, what an amazing wedding, Brad and Julie planned in Temecula at the Villa De Amore Vineyards! Everything was absolutely gorgeous and I had a blast photographing the entire thing. The photography opportunities are endless here, the rose garden, vineyards, iron gates, pillars, etc are all great features for creative wedding photography. And the other wedding vendors were a pleasure to work with, especially the Temecula Videographer Buzz Garwood from Action Touch Media. The above photo would not have been possible without his video light illuminating the subject subject from behind creating that beautiful rim light!

It was very tough choosing a few photos from this Villa De Amore Wedding to showcase on my blog because their are so many that I love. I will post a link to the full gallery once its ready, but in the meantime enjoy this preview.

So I got to ride with the guys in the limo to Villa De Amore, while Melissa, my second shooter, covered the girls getting ready for the Wedding back at the house.This was their private moment captured just before the wedding ceremony. I was the first time I had heard of this idea and thought it turned out great. The bride and groom got to see each other right before the ceremony for the first time.
At the Villa De Amore, guests are offered an umbrella just before the wedding ceremony. It offers protection from the sun and and creates some colorful photographic opportunities. This is just one of many small details that makes weddings here unique and fun.
The guests were treated like gods. The food and drinks looked amazing.
Here is the rose garden at the Villa De Amore. Its great for romantic sunset photographs. As you can see every detail here is elegant and tasteful, the landscaping, statues, flowers, etc.The first dance!A very very cute kid Melissa found during the reception. Awesome shot Melissa!!!
If you are looking for a photographer to shoot your wedding either at Villa De Amore or anywhere in the Temecula / San Diego I would love to be apart of your day. Follow this next link, to surf to my website and view more of my Temecula wedding photography and find info about my style of service.

July 7, 2009

Ian + Chandra | A Garden Wedding at Quail Botanical Garden’s

Quail Garden's Wedding Photo{ lots of photos below, scroll if you'de rather read photos! }
Ian and Chandra’s wedding at Quail Garden’s was a photographer’s dream. There was waterfalls, exotic flowers, butterflies, soft light filtered through jungle trees, and of course the main ingredient; genuine true love. As I went back and forth between the guys and girls rooms, it was obvious that Ian and Chandra were both very excited to get married.

They choose the Walled Garden area at Quail for the ceremony. The other option was the Gazebo area, which is where I was married a couple of years ago. Both have their advantages. What I liked about Quail’s Walled Garden for the wedding ceremony was the lighting and intimacy. The area is made private by a stone wall, and stretching over that are jungle trees almost 50 ft high. Thus, evening weddings, after 4pm, are for the most part in the shade. This is good for everyone the bridal party, guests, and wedding photographer.

As a San Diego Wedding Photographer, I am always trying to capture creative photographs. The photographic opportunities at Quail Garden’s are endless. With the diverse landscaping, there are hundreds of different angles, levels, backgrounds, and lighting options to choose from. I wish we would have had more time to walk around the garden’s with the Ian and Chandra. But after the group and family photographs there was only 20 minutes till intros at the reception. So we utilized the nearby waterfall area for bridal portraits and then headed off to the reception at the gazebo/lawn area.

The wedding reception was also beautiful. There is little decorating to do at Quail since there are amazing natural floral arrangements everywhere. In addition, the floral arrangements designed by Brooke Clay at Valley Center Floral were gorgeous. The bouquets and arch display was all very high quality and looked as fresh as the flowers blooming out of the grown. Another vendor that I highly recommend is Julie Stroh’s Catering based in Valley Center. Don’t get me wrong the food is delicious, but the best part about their catering is the service. They are very friendly, professional, and reliable, definitely a no-brainer if you are planning a wedding in San Diego’s North County.

In short, Wedding Photography at Quail Garden’s is like capturing a fairytale wedding. I pray I will have more opportunities to photograph weddings at Quail Botanical Garden’s in San Diego, of couples that are as sweet and down to earth as Ian and Chandra. Obviously, it is one of my favorite weddings Ive photographed in San Diego. And not just because I was also married at Quail!

Quail Garden's Wedding DressQuail Garden's Wedding ShoesQuail Garden's Wedding Rings on FlowerGroom Getting ReadyGroom getting ready smileGroomsmen at Quail Gardenswedding makeupQuail Garden's Wedding Bride Getting Readybridesmaid getting readyQuail Garden's Wedding Bridevalley center floralbaby sepia(Not sure who's baby this was, but sure is adorable)Quail Garden's Wedding Ceremony ParentsQuail Garden's Wedding Bridesmaid aislering bear Quail Garden's WeddingCutest Ring-bearer of 2009!!!
Bride and fatherGroom sees bride first time weddingbride groom at Quail Garden's WeddingQuail Garden's Wedding ceremony