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December 31, 2009

The Value of a Photograph…

If your home was on fire what are the first things you would grab on your way out? The question actually isn’t hypothetical if you live in Southern California. I have had to evacuate my home because of a wild-fire three times. After my wife and cat , next on the list are our family  photos. For most people this is true, photographs are priceless.

Every year I make Rachael a calendar from photos of us from the past year. Here are some of our photos that have a special place in our hearts. a special thanks to my sister, Melissa, for capturing these photos for us!

DSCN9509IMG_3404  IMG_2560 IMG_3389

So as we enter the new year, keep in mind what you treasure and how you will remember it.

"Photograph and engage life as though it is very short. It is--as you will learn when you see how quickly the next ten years go by." - Brooks Jensen (1954)

December 29, 2009

A Hike with my Wifey!

Today was a good day! I got to enjoy a day off of work with my wife. We went hiking, had a picnic at the old adobes at the Santa Rosa Plateau, and then later we watched a chick-flick (The Proposal). It was the first hike since knee surgery and 4.4 miles was definitely a good distance to stop and come home! ;)

With the new year approaching and so many new opportunities appearing in our lives, I thought this photo really describes how I’m feeling these days. This was about 2 miles in from the Hidden Valley trail-head.

NOTE TO SELF: This would be an excellent location for an engagement photo session!


December 26, 2009

A Beautiful Family Photography Session in Escondidio | The Livingston’s

I had the pleasure of photographing some close friend’s, Ren and Jessica, and their immediate family at Kit Carson Park in Escondido, Ca. Due to the number of people and high concentration energy, I was fore-warned about the combination! The family photography session ended up being a blast though… the smiles and great light lead to some memorable family photographs.

IMG_3869LivingstonFamily2009-004 LivingstonFamily2009-009 LivingstonFamily2009-011 LivingstonFamily2009-019LivingstonFamily2009-023 LivingstonFamily2009-021 LivingstonFamily2009-047 LivingstonFamily2009-063 LivingstonFamily2009-082IMG_3900 IMG_3954IMG_3983 LivingstonFamily2009-135

Patrick is a Family Photographer in Temecula, contact him to schedule your family photography session today!

Children’s Photography in Temecula | Child Photographer

Getting to photograph children in Temecula is something I look forward to doing more often. The great parks and cute kid’s in Temecula and Murrieta makes being a Children Photographer very satisfying. This photography session of Raelynne only took an hour at Glen Arbor Park. Using a wagon, we brought a few props for some creativity. The rocking horse (zebra) was a big hit with Raelynne. How can you get on a rocking zebra and not be smiling, right!

As a Temecula Photographer I specialize in weddings, however after this session I would really like to start branching out into Children’s Photography. If you have an adorable kid and would like to schedule a session please don't hesitate to contact me. Sessions are discounted right now, as I am trying to build a children photography portfolio.

IMG_3493 IMG_3498 IMG_3503

IMG_3519 IMG_3521IMG_3522IMG_3545 IMG_3535IMG_3582 IMG_3584

IMG_3586IMG_3617IMG_3612 IMG_3625 It was funny how much a two year old loves an iPhone! She was talking to daddy on it and then dancing to music playing on it in these last photos.

December 20, 2009

Family Photography in Fallbrook

You may recognize the bunch in these family photographs at Live Oak Park. I was Ian and Chandra’s Wedding Photographer last summer. When it came to this year’s family photographs they decided to give me the honor. Everyone got along just great and the joy was contagious, what a great atmosphere for photos.

We started off with the money shot and got more creative as time went one. At one point we had the three sisters on a tree branch about 4 ft off the ground! And Ive got to give credit where credit is due, my awesome wife Rach was there helping me out, thanks babe!

Hawthorne-084Hawthorne-014Hawthorne-055 Hawthorne-056 Hawthorne-058 Hawthorne-064Hawthorne-028 Hawthorne-073 Hawthorne-098 Hawthorne-107 Hawthorne-011Hawthorne-009 Contact Patrick for Family Photography in Fallbrook

Temecula Family Photography Session

There’s nothing like family! What a pleasure it is getting to photograph such joyful families!

This family photography session was shot in Murrieta at the Greer Ranch. It was a fun photography session, nothing too formal. Just a plan to get the family together and capture some smiles! When there are kids involved you never really know how long the family photography session will last or what kind of photos you will get! ;) This one was great the kids were fun-loving and not afraid to be themselves. I had a great time and you can see why below…



Want to schedule a family photo session in the Temecula or San Diego area? Just send me an email and I would be glad to capture some creative images for you!