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August 25, 2009

High School Senior Photography, Valley Center CA

Shooting David's high school senior photos was a real honor. This guy is has a very bright future, he loves Jesus, and is cool like fire!

David Chavez - 08 So we started out the Senior Photography shoot at Adam's Park in Valley Center. Since we have known each other for years because we both attend the same community church, the shoot was pretty relaxed. David was patient, open to any ideas I had, and really let me get creative with his Senior Photos.

David Chavez - 43 David Chavez - 24 David Chavez - 32-2David Chavez - 01  David Chavez - 53-2David Chavez - 33 

After the shots under the oak and pepper trees at Adam's Park, we headed over to some country roads near Bates Nut Farm, or Nates Butt Farm like my wife likes to call it!!! We found an awesome spot with good light and great Valley Center backgrounds. But the shot I had visualized in my head, had David standing in the middle of the road :(. Sometimes this type of stuff doesn’t fly with me or the client. But David... no problamo, he watched my back while I watched his back, and we both listened for cars while I aimed for the shot I had envisioned. David Chavez - 72-3David Chavez - 67David Chavez - 75David Chavez - 89  This was my first time shooting some Senior Photography, and it was a lot of fun. The combination of the rural setting and a cool High School senior really made it a fun project. I hope to have more opportunities like this in the future, cause after shooting this senior session I thought of some other creative shots I want to capture on an old Valley Center dirt road.

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Judy said...

Nice work Pat. What beautiful settings. Bravo!

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