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March 27, 2010

Family Photography Session at the UCR Gardens

I love getting to go to new places and capture photos of cute toddlers! So this day was a good day! We went to the University of California Riverside Botanical Gardens for some family photography! It was my first time their and I really enjoyed it. My wife and I got their early to walk around and then we stayed late to hang out at the turtle pond!

The photo session went great and Cambria was all smiles. And her smile is so contagious, seriously look at the cute photos below of her laughing and try not to smile… It just cant be done! :) She loves when mom and dad toss her into the air, as you can see!

The location is perfect for families that live in that Corona and Riverside area and don’t want to drive all the way to Temecula for a family photography session with Anibaldi Studio. Overall it was a great family photography session and I cant wait to go back to the gardens at UCR.

IMG_8342IMG_8190 IMG_8210 IMG_8213 IMG_8218 IMG_8235 IMG_8255 IMG_8258 IMG_8260 IMG_8267IMG_8284 IMG_8314 IMG_8320 IMG_8335 IMG_8338 IMG_8339 IMG_8340

Beach Engagement Photography Shoot in Oceanside, Ca

This beach engagement photography session in San Diego was a lot of fun. Kurra and Rich are a fun-loving couple with huge hearts. It wasn’t hard to capture the obvious love that they have for each other!

Their main request I got was for some good "black and white" engagement photos. So as the session progressed, I kept that in mind. I capture all photographs in color digitally. However, since I process them on the computer I am able to convert them later into black and white. In fact, I have found that this gives me the most control, because in Adobe Lightroom I can control the level of each color channel, thereby allowing me to easily make tonal adjustments to specific areas of the image.

It was a fun time at the Oceanside Pier. At one point I decided to capture some photos of them just walking along the beach, just some simple candid shots of them being themselves. After about 5 or so shots, I think Rich and I realized at the same time that he was holding Kurra's purse! He's a nice guy, and its just second nature to help Kurra in anyway he can. But as you can imagine, the photos might look sorta funny with a dude walking down the beach with a purse! Guys I think we are all guilty of this at some point, I know I am!!! ;)

happy engagment photobeach palms bw engagement photosandy toes engagement shot engagement smiles beach engagement photo oceanside engagement photographyoceanside pier engagement photobeach engagement in sand cute beach engagement photo jumping excited couplefun candid engagement photolaughing engagement photo  eyes closed engagementwalking couple beach beach sunset engagement photo eye contact san diego beach engagement photofootprints in sand at beach

The beach is one of my favorite places. If you would like to schedule an engagement session or family session on the beach please don’t hesitate to contact me.

March 9, 2010

Engagement Photography at the Temecula Duck Pond

What a fun easy-going couple, Marcela and Mason are absolutely perfect for each other! I cant put my finger on it but they just match… like laughter and a smile. I captured their engagement photos here in Temecula, first at the Temecula Duck Pond Park and the rest at the South Coast Winery. Hanging out and getting to know them was a lot of fun, I love making new friends! :)

They are getting married this month and I am honored to get to also capture their wedding photographs. So you will see more photos of these two soon. The venue they chose is the cat’s pajamas in the eyes of a Temecula Wedding Photographer like myself. The lush landscaping, beautiful waterfalls, and convenient bridal suites make the Grand Tradition one of my top-top favs!

IMG_6914IMG_6959IMG_7004IMG_6931IMG_6929 IMG_6949  IMG_6966 IMG_6989IMG_6143 IMG_6156 IMG_6230

Like creative lifestyle photography? Give me a call, or shoot me an email, because I would love to capture a collection of artistic photographs for you and your family!

March 7, 2010

Family Photography in Temecula, Ca

While photographing this family session at the Temecula duck pond, the family dog decided to lift his leg on the toddler’s jeans. It was sad at first and then a little funny, but hey what’s a little pee between best friends? The tough little guy shrugged it off and the family session went on!

It was a cloudy day, so the light was soft and perfect for family portraits in temecula. We hung out on the grass for a while and I even climbed a tree to get a better angle. Whatever it takes for the best photo, its totally worth it in my book! Then we chased ducks around the Temecula Duck Pond and then finally we got to bust out the Tricycle for one last ride!!! Overall, it was great getting to hangout with such great parents, a very cute kid, and my camera… good times!

Children Photography in Temeculafamily photograph at temecula duck pond children photographer in temecula parents kiss child in foreground mom and child feet family photograph at temecula duck pond temecula family holding hands child chasing duckspee on jeans grrrr mom in charge family photography dad chasing son

If you are interested in having some family or children photographs captured in a fun natural environment, I would love to hear from you.

~ Patrick