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September 29, 2010

Eclectic Style Wedding | Photography by Anibaldi Studio

People might say that you don't know what love is until your 18? Or even 21?  I beg to differ and so do Britt and Matt. They’ve been going steady since 5th grade and just got married this month! What a cute love story they will get to tell their grandkids someday!

I love Brittany and Matt’s eclectic style and how they incorporated that into their wedding. The suits, shoes, dress and venue all just went together so well. The Hidden Hacienda is probably my favorite wedding venue period. The vintage style their is so cool. And I love how everything is real and nothing is ‘manufactured’. This was my second time getting to be the Hidden Hacienda Wedding Photographer, and I cant wait for the next time!

My favorite memory from photographing Brittany and Matt’s wedding was this little boy. When I take photos of kids I usually like to show them their picture and see how they react. Usually they want me to take another! However, this little boy wanted to take some for himself. I didn't think anything of it until the reception when I saw he had borrowed a camera! He was following me around taking pictures on the dance floor just like me! It was awesome! After a while he had inspired a few more of the other little kids. So he had his own little fan club following him around. You can see the photos of him below.

When i first heard the song I used for their slideshow I instantly thought of Matt and Britt’s wedding. In fact, I have been saving it just for them! Because, Matt and Britt are like “two atoms in a molecule inseparably entwined”!

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September 23, 2010

Ronnie+Cami | Wedding Photography at Eagle Glen, Corona

eagle glen wedding photographyAfter photographing their engagement and wedding, I am quite convinced that Cami and Ronnie have something very special. To call it true love would be an understatement! This was my first time being a wedding photographer in Corona and I will be honest it was not what I expected. The mountains and scenery are something else over at the Eagle Glen Golf Course. In fact, that is why Cami chose it. She wanted beautiful wedding photographs with bright colors. 

All day Ronnie was so excited to see and marry Cami! Like the best man said in the speech, Ronnie constantly talks about how pretty Cami is inside and out. I had a great time at their wedding and what a beautiful day it was. The ceremony took place on some lush green grass under the blue sky. It was gorgeous. After the ceremony, the Eagle Glen coordinator Jared took us around on the golf carts for some photos. This was excellent service, that I dont see very often. I highly recommend Eagle Glen for having your wedding. Jared didn't hassle us to follow a timeline and was very open to what the couple wanted. So thanks to Jared and Eagle Glen for everything!

The DJ was hilarious and did an excellent job. My favorite part of the night was when he asked the fifth grader what he was doing in the crowd of single guys getting ready to catch the garter.He replied “I want to catch it”. “Catch what” replied the DJ. “Umm the thong” replied the little kid. And the whole place went crazy busting up laughing! I thought it was so funny. And of course the DJ explained what it actually was and that if he caught the garter he would have to drop out of school and get a job to support his new wife! The DJ also got everyone on the dance floor for a group photo, I love that. And I didn't even ask him too. I highly recommend Fred from Sound Garden Productions.

Everyone wants to be a wedding photographer these days, mostly because of the money, cool equipment, the fame. Just kidding about that last one! But seriously for me, the best part about it is the people and relationships you get from it! As I have said, your wedding photographs are priceless, so once you build that bond of trust with your clients you’ve become more than just friends. I can't have too many friends, if you need a wedding photographer in Corona or Temecula please give me a call.

Thanks to Kevin my second photographer for the day. He did an great job and also got some amazing shots for Cami and Ronnie.

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