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September 30, 2009

Cute Baby Gavin

Alright, his name is actually Gavin Dale Livingston, but as you can see, he is a really cute baby!

Rach and I got to go see him before he was even 24 hours old! We made it just before visiting hours were over, and both got to hold him. Awwww, it was so cool and really made Rach and I want one of our own. ;)

IMG_0303 IMG_0279IMG_0282IMG_0278IMG_0285 IMG_0286 IMG_0287 The rest of the images can be found here Thanks again Ren and Jes and congratulations!

September 13, 2009

A Beautiful Wedding at The Grand Tradition in Fallbrook, Ca

Adam and Mallory’s wedding at the Grand Tradition was very special to me, as we have been family-friends for about 10 years. Every detail of their wedding at The Grand Tradition was absolutely beautiful. The wedding flowers, cake, martini luge, duds, dresses, colors, everything it was all so stylish! The whole evening at The Grand Tradition went very smoothly (thanks to Megan and the Grand Tradition crew). Everyone had such a great time celebrating Adam and Mallory’s love, evident from the constant smiles, laughing, hugs and kisses.

Checkout their Wedding Album design below, which showcases some of the best photographs from the day.

The grounds at the Grand Tradition were amazing and perfect for my style of wedding photography. Waterfalls, ponds, exotic plants, and curving walkways are all great features for elegant yet natural wedding photography.

Groomsmen the grand tradition Bride to be at the Grand Traditiongrmoosmen getting ready Groom before Grand Tradition WeddingBridesmaid Makeup Bride earings for weddingBride ready for weddingRingbearer Grand Tradition Grand tradition wedding ceremony Bride and groom at grand tradition Wedding ring at Grand Tradition Bridesmaids and Bride at Grand Tradition Brides Family at Grand Tradition Grand Tradition Wedding Bouquet The Grand Tradition Bride and Groom wedding martini slide Bride drag groom cake topper The Grand Tradition First Dance The Grand Tradition Reception The Grand Tradition Wedding Reception grandfather of bride groom with cake on face bride cake fight Dancing at the Grand Tradition

Before the wedding I had to pick up a rental lens from Calumet. On my way I realized I had left my freshly ironed shirt hanging up back home… dangit! Since I always give myself an extra hour, I had time to stop by a store and find a new shirt, but not enough time to trek back home. I tried Men’s Wearhouse and I was glad I did, they were quick, understanding, and very nice. In no time I was walking out of there with a nice long-sleeve black shirt that wasn’t wrinkly. Men's Wearhouse also supplied the tuxedos, in short the guys looked dapper!

The rest of the images from the wedding can be viewed in Mallory and Adam’s Wedding Photo Gallery. Here you can also order prints through MPIX Pro Photo Lab directly.