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June 30, 2009

Beach Engagement Session at Wood's Cove

CRASH. And suddenly we are wet up to our knees! Thats the power of the shore-break at Wood's Cove. You walk down to the waters edge assuming the next wave will be similar to the last, and then when you least expect it, a cold sandy surprise!

NEW! Engagement Session Tip #47 - Bring a change of clothes!

Photographing Bill and Janis' Engagement Session was a blast. In addition to the beautiful beach location in Laguna Beach and the great natural light, I had great models! Bill and Janis were all smiles and it was very easy capturing what makes them happy... each other!

As a Temecula Wedding Photographer and surfer I love beach engagement sessions. I have a blast getting creative in the sand and capturing that glow often shining from a newly engaged couple! If you know anybody, that recently has been engaged or going to be engaged I would be greateful for your referal. Thanks so much! - Patrick

June 26, 2009

Cute Kid Photos | Asher and Dawson

I had the pleasure of getting to capture some photos of Andy and Allison's adorable little boys! I had a blast playing with the kids and getting creative with my 30mm f/1.4 lens. Though I had brought 3 other lenses, this one never came of my Canon 50D. I really love the shallow depth of field and the tack sharp details. The evening light was great, and no artificial help (flash) was needed for Asher and Dawson's blue eyes to really pop in these images.

Ive yet to meet kids that are happier than these two. Honestly, its like they are smiling 24/7, which makes my job fun! They do move a bit faster and less predictable than a wedding couple though, but its a fun change of pace, and I always love a challenge.
Cute kid blue eyesKid hanging in treeChilren photography2 year old photographprofessional child photographfallbrook children photographblonde kid having funI love kids and I love photography, so children photography comes pretty naturally to me. By dropping down to their height and interacting with them like a big kid, I am able to capture their real smiles and character! When it comes to kid photography, my style really doesn't change, I still describe it as fun, creative, and personal.

So yes, I am excited to now be a Temecula Children Photographer. You can find more information about my Children Photography Sessions here. Weekday evenings are best for these types of shoots. If you would like to book a session surf over to my professional photographer contact page and I would be happy to hear from you. As a special I am offering 20% off any kid sessions in the month of July.

June 13, 2009

The Coffee Table Wedding Album

I'm stoked about this new photobook, its absolutely gorgeous. Great as a wedding photobook or as in this case an engagement photobook. First of all the leather used is cream of the crop, the pages are extra thick, and most importantly the prints are of the highest quality. The pages have great resolution, beautiful color, and are coated with an invisible protective lacquer. The team over at Prestige Albums are going to be getting a lot more future orders from me!

For you future brides interested in this style book, it is equivalent to the "Flush Album" that I offer. It's included in the "Platinum Photo Package" or can be added to any other package as ale carte. Enough said, here are some quick shots I grabbed before I delivered it to Christan, the beautiful bride to be.(Yes, this is our living room in Temecula. Home sweet home!!!)
If you would like to check see all of the pages in the book, surf over to the Photobook Layout Design webpage here.

If you are a professional photographer, Prestige Albums come with my highest recommendation. They are a small new company in California. So the books take a little longer to make than normal 2-3 weeks. Shoot me an email and I will gladly return their contact info.

Jenn Trashes the Dress!

Ive been looking for an opportunity for a "Trash the Dress" session. Knowing how much Jen and Derek love to play with their desert toys, I thought we might be able to incorporate that into a trash the dress photoshoot. They jumped at the idea, and busted out the dirt-bikes and Polaris Ranger! Derek led us out to a secluded preserve near their home in Peris, California where we captured some unique shots.

Jen was brave and wore her very white wedding dress, knowing she was surrounded by dirt! We rode around for about 3.5 hours, stopping at locations with unique features, good light, and great backgrounds. It was a lot of fun and I think we got some great ttd photographs.
What can you do with that beautiful wedding dress? Well it's already dirty; and you are going to have it cleaned anyways. Why not use it for a "Trash the Dress" photoshoot! It shows your hubby your committed, since it may be able to be used again, and plus you've got some really unique photographs in your favorite dress! Id love to shoot another trash the dress session soon. If you are brave enough just let me know. Id love to try the beach, a pond or lake, a junk yard, sand dunes, or a farm.

June 6, 2009

Ian + Chandra: San Diego Engagement Session

Photographs should be memorable. Choosing a location that is already close to your heart is a great first step. Add in two amazing people that are truly in love... well you will see what I am getting at below. In short, you really cant go wrong with these ingredients!

This San Diego Engagement Session took place at Adam's Park in Valley Center. Wheres that? Good question!!! Its a small town in North County that I grew up in. Anywho, the park is very small so I think Ian and Chandra were really trusting that there was a method to my madness. And it just so happened that the local Boy Scouts were having an awards ceremony in the park, which made our photographic playing field even smaller! Ian and Chandra were great sports though and didn't mind at all. In fact, apparently this was the same troop Ian was apart of as a kid!
There wedding is taking place at another paradise of a different type, somewhere that is also very close to my heart, Quail Gardens! If you haven't been there, please head to Encinitas this weekend. It costs a few bucks to get in, but it is absolutely amazing, words just cant describe. My wedding was also here, so I am very excited about being a San Diego Wedding Photographer at Quail Gardens this summer!!!

June 4, 2009

Mariachi Band Photo Shoot

I specialize in weddings, but that doesnt mean I cant help people needing photographs of other subjects! As a photographer who can be found through Google search, its understanable to get random calls for unique opportunities, such as this case. A local mariachi band, Duetos 2 Los Compas, callled needing cover photo for their new CD they wanted to release in a few days.

The request was for a white background, at night, with good portait light and instant viewing. Well, I usually shoot on location, with a photojournalistic style, with months of planning, and a couple of weeks to deliver. But sure; umm ya, I guess I can figure something out... famous last words right?!!!

So at 10pm at night we opened my garage, isolated a white wall and setup for the shoot. While they were cleaned up by the hair and makeup artist, I played around with my off camera speedlight and a make-shift background light. Ill admit I was improvising a bit but I was able to deliver the images the client wanted. And apparently, my name is on the back of their cd!!!
Im not going to lie, I love experiencing different cultures and I enjoy all kinds of music. These guys were fun loving and enjoying life. I hope one day to get to see them in action. From the looks of their calendar they are completely booked, playing more than 6 shows per month. I hope to get to shoot their next album's cover photo!