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November 28, 2009

Temecula Wedding Photographer Goes GREEN!

WesternDigital_BGB_GreenI love the outdoors; hiking, biking, surfing, and of course photographing outdoor weddings. As a Wedding Photographer in Temecula there are a lot of ways to minimize the negative impact on the environment. Since almost everyone owns a camera and computer these days I thought these tips might help someone else out, even if they aren’t a Temecula Wedding Photographer.

GREEN Tip #1 ~ Recycle your electronics! Best Buy has made this easier than ever, just bring in your unwanted electronics and drop them off with their Geek Squad. Other retailers charge a fee, but Best Buy is the only one right now (11/28/09) that doesn’t. Another great way I recycle old photo equipment is by selling or giving it away on Craigslist.

GREEN TIP #2 ~ When I grew up, back in the film days, after an eventful day of photos the roll was dropped off at the lab and doubles were ordered of every shot. Instead, you can go green by shooting digital and then proofing and sharing your photos on the computer. Proofing your photos on the computer first, before going to the lab, allows you to print only your favorites, and saves money, paper, and chemicals. Why print photos that will just be thrown away? As a WesternDigital_CaviarGreen_iconwedding photographer I do not offer a proof book or 4x6 prints of every shot, instead I include a free online gallery where clients and their families can enjoy the photos and order the ones that they would like to display in their homes.

GREEN Tip #3 ~ Minimize the energy your computer uses. This one is easy, if your not using your computer then turn it off! You can program this to happen automatically in Windows pretty easily. Another way of going green is by purchasing efficient computers. For example, Western Digital the hard-drive manufacturer, is now selling smart hard-drives. What makes them smart is that the rate at which they are spinning spins faster or slower depending on the current use. So when they arent being used they slow down, but when they are they can speed up to 7200 rpm.

If you have other ideas of how to make Photography GREENER, Id love to hear it. As a Temecula Wedding Photographer I am always looking for more GREEN ideas, so leave a comment or write on my Facebook wall.

November 17, 2009

San Diego Engagement Session at the Beach

Rebecca and Matt love the beach and so we decided that would be a fun place to capture their San Diego engagement photographs. I've known both Matt and Rebecca since High School and have lots share lots of great valley center sports memories together. You can tell from the photo where they are jumping that they are both very athletic.

They will be getting married in Valley Center next summer and are very excited. I was so stoked when I heard the news, wooohoo! Yeah, I love getting to shoot friends weddings, its so much fun! The engagement session was also a blast. We had fun in the sand and even saw a few sea lions.

Matt and Rebecca were fun, happy, and very in love, which made my job as an engagement photographer easy-peasy! They were very open to my suggestions and weren't afraid of getting a little sandy or wet! Enough words about this San Diego beach engagement, how about some photos!

Engagement Photo Toes SandEngagement Kiss PhotographyIMG_2233 IMG_2234 IMG_2235 IMG_2236 IMG_2237engagement photography jumping beach footprints engagementbeach engagement photography engagement kiss engagement ring beach engagement beach engaged couple san diego couple engagement valley center couple engagementla jolla engagement engaged couple beach engagement photo fun engagementbeach sunset engagement photo

November 14, 2009

Country Style Wedding Venue in San Diego

Looking for a beautiful, natural, country style, outdoor wedding venue in San Diego? There is a great wedding venue located on Palomar Mountain in North County of San Diego called The Palomar Mountain Ranch.

If you are looking for a manufactured wedding where every detail is already predetermined, then this is not the place for you. However, if you want to make your wedding day unique, plan every detail, and design a wedding to fit your own style, then look no further.

The Palomar Mountain Ranch owners are very flexible and ready to help make your dream wedding come true. They have multiple locations on their 1000+ acre ranch that would be perfect for a wedding. My favorite was the open meadow next to the lake that had the gorgeous forest hills background (see photo below). The number of guests allowed is practically unlimited, as there is tons of room for everyone. And there are lodges close by if you want to stay the night before and/or after the wedding.

The natural beauty of this place is amazing, God’s handiwork in this place is clearly evident. As a wedding photographer, this location would be so fun to shoot a wedding. The creative opportunities are endless. Palomar Mountain MeadowRancher

This is Wes! He’s a great guy and would be happy to help make your wedding day everything you dreamed it to be. He is happily married to a beautiful woman named Sarah and knows what kinds of things are important when planning a wedding.Palomar Mountain LakeOak treeIMG_2147These photos were shot in Nov of 2009. This place looks incredible every season of the year, however also very different each season. You gotta love the fall colors in these shots though, right! Spring and Summer are the most popular times for weddings here though, so make sure to book your date in advance. IMG_2149Fall Color

Talk to Wes or Dutch if you are interested in using their beautiful wedding venue. They would love to hear from you! If you would like to have an engagement session in this setting just let me know. I am looking for any excuse I can to go back up the mountain and get to practice some photography.