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February 15, 2011

Beautiful Wedding Photography

Hector and Lena have been an item since High School. I can remember them holding hands and hanging out together at lunch time on the quad! I would have bet money that they would get married someday, but never in a million years would I have guessed that I would get to photograph their wedding.

I already had a good feel for Hector and Lena’s style so I was excited to capture their wedding from the first second they called and asked if I was available on their wedding day. Kevin and I arrived early and after scoping out the joint, decided to borrow the white dress hanging in the bridal suit for a detail shot. 15 minutes later I had some guy in a cheap blue suit screaming at me from a hundred yards away “YOUR IN BIG TROUBLE, I DIDN’T SAY YOU COULD DO THAT.” After he ran over, I explained that I didn’t realize that he was also getting married at The Old Richland School House and on the exact same day as my good friend Lena!!! Winking smile But seriously, even after explaining that I was hired to do this, the security guard took a good 2-3 minutes for him to cool his jets. He was passionate about his job, so you gotta give him props!

Back to the wedding… The entire day was perfect and the wedding was a blast. Having a second shooter (Kevin) was great and I am impressed with the candid shots he delivered. Some of my favorite images from the day are below.

But first, if you are planning a wedding, I have some noteworthy tips I learned from this wedding…

#1 Serena Tarantino does a great job at makeup!!!   You can email her at

#2 The Old Richland School House is a beautiful place to get married, great light and fun atmosphere.

#3 Get permission from a rent-a-cop before photographing the dress you were hired to photograph.


Worth the trouble!


Kevin captured this one beautifully!


Another great shot by Kevin!


It was kind of cold, so the girls borrowed some jackets!


If you have any family or friends getting married please feel free to recommend me. I have a passion for Beautiful Wedding Photography.

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Nabila said...

As Maid of Honor at this wedding I can vouch for the Bride and Groom in saying Pat did an amazing job. Not only did he provide a comforting and warm experience, he was extremely professional and kind taking requests for types of poses and pleasing the wedding party's every need. The photographs turned out amazing and the day could not have been captured in a better way. I would recommend Anibaldi Studio to anyone and everyone.

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