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June 25, 2011

Josh & Tayza’s Engagement Session | La Jolla, Ca

Engagement photos at the beach with the love of her life was a dream come true for Tayza. She told me that this was one of those things that she could mark off her bucket list! On top of that, her fiancé, Josh, was deploying to Afghanistan in a week. Saying that these pictures are special is an understatement.

We decided to capture some fun shots on the rock beach in La Jolla, just South of the Cove. It was a lot of fun watching the waves crashing onto the rocks. And Tayza and Josh were awesome, real down to earth and easy going. At one point Tayza said “Hey we are from the country, don’t worry about it” in response to me apologizing for making them walk through some muddy areas! They grew up near Missouri and Tennesee and are traveling the states and soon the globe. 058-Josh Tayza_Engaged-2

As Josh sacrifices his time and energy so that we can remain free and safe here in the USA, please say a prayer for him. We want him to come home safe in 7 months and God can ensure that will happen. They have plans to get married when he returns!!! Smile 

Im blessed to have had the opportunity to capture these photographs, thank you Tayza!

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