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December 20, 2009

Family Photography in Fallbrook

You may recognize the bunch in these family photographs at Live Oak Park. I was Ian and Chandra’s Wedding Photographer last summer. When it came to this year’s family photographs they decided to give me the honor. Everyone got along just great and the joy was contagious, what a great atmosphere for photos.

We started off with the money shot and got more creative as time went one. At one point we had the three sisters on a tree branch about 4 ft off the ground! And Ive got to give credit where credit is due, my awesome wife Rach was there helping me out, thanks babe!

Hawthorne-084Hawthorne-014Hawthorne-055 Hawthorne-056 Hawthorne-058 Hawthorne-064Hawthorne-028 Hawthorne-073 Hawthorne-098 Hawthorne-107 Hawthorne-011Hawthorne-009 Contact Patrick for Family Photography in Fallbrook

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