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March 29, 2009

Snowball fight!

It was a long hike, in the snow, up hill both ways jk, but worth it. After lunch we started messing around in the snow and well 'ya know what they say... "boys will be boys!" We turned some dead wood into a toboggan / snowboard, and surfed it down this snowy hill!
Here's a cool shot of the lucky guy, Landon! I actually got the honor to be in his wedding, and of course couldn't resist to taking a few shots at the wedding . More to come about that in my next post this week.
And of course a snowball fight which lasted all the way down the mountain. Guys in the back hucking snow at the guys in the front. And guys in the front running ahead and hiding on the side of the trail until we showed up and were pelted with a surprise attack! Good times, good times!
Here's a creative way of using an emergency poncho!
The hike was actually a bit of a challenge, since the snow had been melting and refreezing at night. It was tough and instead of using the trail, we eventually had to rough it up the mountain blazing our own trail in Idyllwild. Alright, this is Ben, a professional poker player and a heck of an amateur snowboarder! We also went to college together, and are good friends.
Here's a shot of me before really eating it! This really reminded me of riding my sector nine or even a surfboard, man I cant wait for surfing this summer!

Hiking is fun but hanging out with some of your best friends is better! Back at the cabin I played some of the funnest pool ever, and half the games involved only two balls and no stick. I still don't know what the game is called but you can have as many people as you want and on your turn you slide the cue ball at the other trying to knock it in. Guess you had to be there!

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