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April 2, 2009

A Groomsmen's Perspective...

The insatiable urge to take pictures, maybe some of you can relate to my condition? When I witness something beautiful, whether a sunset, waterfall, or in this case wedding I just cant resist, and have to get my hands on a camera! I'm a passionate San Diego Wedding Photographer, what can I say!

I had the honor of being a groomsmen in Landon and Alyssa's Wedding, and man was it tough holding back. I got through the entire ceremony without a shot... whew!!! But before and after, I had to sneak a few candids in. Lots of people bring cameras to weddings, right? I think I actually blended in, somewhat, I hope!
Groom Escondido Country Club WeddingMother of the bride came prepared, here she is adjusting the brides dress. Can you see the safety pin sticking out of her mouth?Bride Mother Wedding PhotographCarlitos was the ring bearer, what a studly little man!
Temecula Wedding PhotographerSan Diego Wedding PhotographerThe florist, was a family friend of the b&g, I thought she did an amazing job. I will be sending these shots to her, and if she has a website I will post a link here.
Wedding Bouquet PhotographEscondido Wedding Photograph GroomToughest job of the day, father of the bride. If I ever get the honor, God willing, watch out cause "Here come the waterslides!"Father of the Bride SpeachCreative Temecula Wedding Photographer
VW Beetle Wedding GetawayBy the way this wedding took place in Escondido at the Escondido Country Club. It was a beautiful venue for a wedding and hope to shoot a wedding there in the future. Wedding Photography in San Diego accounts for about 50% of my gigs, so I imagine I will sometime in the future. The other 50% is Wedding Photography in Temecula, actually since I live in Temecula I would say Wedding Photography in Temecula is 51%!

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