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February 9, 2010

Christan’s Wedding Album and complementing Photobooks!

I am really happy with how Christan’s wedding album and photobooks turned out. She chose a crystal photo cover wrapped in a brown Italian leather. The album is 12”x12” which is plenty large to make a bold statement on any coffee table. I have been holding off on ordering the wedding album of my personal wedding photos, but am now certain that this is what I want. The photographic quality of the pages is top-notch! The pages are thick and the spreads have a seamless binding. Can life get better, I submit that it cannot!

The photobooks are also nice. They are wrapped in a glossy hardcover that is 6”x6”. The spreads of the photobook are also seamless, which favors the panorama style spread layouts that I love to design. Overall, I think this album and book combo is great and highly recommend it to any future brides. Take a look for yourself below or contact me to setup an appointment to check out some more sample albums.

IMG_3443IMG_3487  IMG_3452 IMG_3457 IMG_3481 IMG_3486

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