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January 30, 2010

Aubree & Josephs E-Sesh in SD!

This engagement photography session in Encinitas was a real pleasure. As you can see in the engagement photographs both Aubree and Jo are glowing with excitement. In fact, I think at one point they even moved up the wedding date… yeah they cant wait!

Aubree and I went to high school together, so we go way back. She was a star athlete and a great friend. One of the funnest times we shares was Powder Puff football! I was the coach and Aubree lead us to victory on the field. In fact, Jr year we beat the Seniors and her brother was a coach for the seniors I believe! Yep, I remember Byron wore a funny suit, something like what Jim Carey wore in Dumb and Dumber!

Anyways, back to the engagement session. We shot it at Quail, I guess the politically correct name is now the San Diego Botanical Gardens, and the grounds were as beautiful as always. Flowers, waterfalls, jungles, and the bamboo all made great backgrounds. One of my favorite shots is of the  engagement ring that Jo picked for Aubree, its a gorgeous ring and a tack sharp photo. Alright, alright, enough with the intros, here are the photos… enjoy! And as always feel free to leave comments below!   Jo Aub_Engaged-030Jo Aub_Engaged-016 Jo Aub_Engaged-027Jo Aub_Engaged-038 Jo Aub_Engaged-040Jo Aub_Engaged-003 Jo Aub_Engaged-044 Jo Aub_Engaged-054 Jo Aub_Engaged-055 Jo Aub_Engaged-077Jo Aub_Engaged-056  Jo Aub_Engaged-080 Jo Aub_Engaged-083IMG_5061 Jo Aub_Engaged-095Jo Aub_Engaged-007

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