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April 27, 2010

Engagement Photography at South Coast Winery

Getting to capture engagement photographs at Temecula Wineries like South Coast Winery, is a real blessing. Its spring so the vines are looking fresh, the weather is perfect, and love is in the air! ;)
Alyssa and Ryan were great! They came looking sharp and smiling, it really makes my job easy having such happy smiling clients. Alyssa wanted a photographer who would give her some direction for the photos, which is pretty normal since most people aren't professional models! I always come prepared to photography sessions with vision and toolbox of great ideas for that setting.

Im also a South Coast Winery Wedding Photographer, just click the link to see my last wedding I photographed at Temecula's best wine country wedding venue!
Alyssa Ryan_Engagement-026-2Alyssa Ryan_Engagement-001-2 Alyssa Ryan_Engagement-010-2 Alyssa Ryan_Engagement-014-2Beautiful eyes and amazing skin! Shes gonna be a gorgeous bride! Alyssa Ryan_Engagement-016-2Alyssa Ryan_Engagement-028Looking daper! What a stud! Alyssa Ryan_Engagement-033-2The money shot! I love this engagement photo. Alyssa Ryan_Engagement-041 Alyssa Ryan_Engagement-046 Alyssa Ryan_Engagement-057 Alyssa Ryan_Engagement-061-2
I can already tell that their wedding is going to yield a great set of wedding images. These two are perfect for each other and arent afraid to express how they feel! Cant wait for their wedding!
Alyssa Ryan_Engagement-071 Alyssa Ryan_Engagement-079
Alyssa Ryan_Engagement-094South Coast Winery is a great place for engagement photography. And its so easy to turn your photo session into a date. There is wine tasting and great food here. So its a win-win situation! Alyssa Ryan_Engagement-116Look at how those eyes sparkle! She gets married in less than a month, so no wonder! Alyssa Ryan_Engagement-125
Another great photographic feature at Sout Coast Winery is the fountain! Its beautiful and is perfect for some creative candid engagement images.

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