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April 3, 2010

Wedding Photography at The Grand Tradition by Anibaldi Studio

Here are some of my favorite wedding photographs captured at the Grand Tradition in Fallbrook near Temecula, Ca on Marcela and Mason's BIG day. It was a partly cloudy but warm spring day and I don’t think Marcela could have imagined a more beautiful day. With the waterfalls flowing and all the plants looking so lush and green, it was a beautiful garden wedding and a great day to be a Wedding Photographer in Temecula!

Almost everything went smoothly… until we couldn’t find the engagement ring! Yep, the groomsmen were turning the Grand Tradition upside down trying to find that rock!!! Then Mason realized there was a hole in his jacket pocket, he searched and found the ring in the liner of the back of his jacket… whew, what a relief that was. Other than that the wedding was almost completely stress free. Megan is a great coordinator and one that I highly recommend! She's great at planning and making changes on the fly when something changes the schedule.

Some of the details of the wedding that really stood out to me were the dress, hair, and food! Marcela's dress was amazing and fit perfectly. Well you can see from the wedding photos of the bride below, but seriously it thought it was stunning! The hair also turned out beautiful. Some might call me biased, because my wife Rachael was the hair stylist, but honestly I think she has a real knack for hair. The bridesmaid's hair looked super cute, but how the bride's hair complemented the strapless dress was absolutely perfect. Rach is pregnant right now, so she isn't excepting to work in Summer of 2010, but if you are getting married after Aug/Sep she's definitely someone I would consider for your wedding hair.

Oh yeah, I cant forget the food! The catering at the Grand Tradition is absolutely the best. Ive been to my fair share of weddings and I'm not gonna lie… The Grand Tradition makes excellent dishes. Marcela and Mason chose the Salmon and Chicken Medallions (I think that’s what they were called?). Basically a croissant with cheese and chicken. Phenomenal!

 IMG_8479IMG_8404IMG_2346 IMG_8473IMG_8482IMG_8500IMG_8561IMG_8750 IMG_8517 IMG_8536

This is definitely going on the cover of Rach’s portfolio. Once I get some time. I will be building her a website, so stay tuned!IMG_8611 IMG_8627 IMG_8676 IMG_8681 IMG_8685 IMG_8705 IMG_8717 IMG_8730IMG_8765IMG_8722IMG_8770IMG_8495IMG_8497  Weddings at the Grand Tradition are so much fun to photograph, if you or anyone you know are getting married near Temecula I would be thrilled if you referred me. Thanks!

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