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August 8, 2009

Backpacking in the Eastern Sierra Mountains (Free iPhone Wallpapers)

Blue Water Sierra Mountain Reflection

These images are Free Fine Art Wallpapers that are watermark free for iPhones and other small devices. Just click a fine art image to go to the source file, download it, add it as your desktop wallpaper, and enjoy! 

This photographic adventure was tough, but well worth it, as evident from the awesome photo opportunities. The hike starting in Bishop, Ca took us uphill through Piute’s Pass and over a Glacier at 11,400 ft elevation. It was interesting to see what can live up there, and what doesn’t. For example, there were lots of mosquitoes and fish, but no bears. We caught golden trout, brooke trout,  and rainbow trout. The trout that we ate for dinner one night were rainbow trout, yum! 

I had a blast capturing images of this breath-taking landscape. The water was amazingly clear, and the taste of it was so pristine. I love photographing water, it allows for unlimited creativity with the reflections and movement of it in streams and waterfalls. I also like how slightly changing your angle of view or shutter speed can yield a completely different image. My favorite shots are usually from very low angles, involving me laying with my face on the ground or standing in a stream with the tripod getting a little wet.

I hauled all of my photo gear up there, including my Canon 50D, Tamron 17-55mm and 4 lb Manfrotto Tripod, as I intended to get some use out of them. As everyone else fished, I was looking for fine art images, and I think I captured a few. By the way, feel free to leave comments if you like any of them. Gear-wise everything went great, nothing broke and 2 batteries were plenty of Juice for five days in the backcountry. At the end of the trip I had used 8GB of memory.

On this trip I experimented with using the HDR (High Dynamic Range) technique, which allows the photographer to create images that display a tonal range of light that more closely mimics what the human eye can see. Getting these types of photos involves taking multiple exposures (usually three) and then combining them on the computer. I used a combination of Photoshop CS3 and Photomatix softwares. The multiple exposures help to capture more detail in the darks, lights and midtones.

HDR Sierra Mountain StreamIMG_3923 IMG_3944IMG_3978  IMG_4035 IMG_4072 IMG_3726 IMG_3830IMG_3832IMG_3898IMG_4133IMG_3922IMG_4028IMG_4052-HDR1 Getting to experience this beautiful landscape was a very spiritual experience for me. If I had to choose a soundtrack for these photos I would use “Indescribable” by Chris Tomlin. Everything is so well designed out here, it is impossible for me to believe that this all happened by chance (macro evolution). As an engineer I know a little something about ‘DESIGN’, and this thing we call nature was definitely designed, and designed well. Thanks to God for showing us a small minutia of His infinite glory! 

To view the rest of the images from this trip checkout my Sierra Mountain Fine Art Image Gallery


All images © Patrick Anibaldi. Limited use is acceptable for the following uses… 1) Church backgrounds used for song lyrics and bible verses 2) Personal device wallpapers 3) Blog Posts that give proper credit to the photographer and a link to this blog and/or Please Contact Patrick before using these images for anything else, including advertising, website design, printing, etc. Thank you and God Bless!

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