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August 21, 2009

Janis and Bill's Wedding at the Morey Mansion

This wedding was a real treat to photograph. Janis and Bill had an intimate ceremony featuring live acoustic music. Everyone gathered into a small garden and witnessed Janis and Bill exchange vows. There were no high tech mics or sound system, and I believe this was fitting and went along with the classic theme they had going at the Morey Mansion.

Morey MansionThe Morey Mansion, a Victorian style venue, had a genuine classic feel and ambiance. The interior of it was packed with historical artifacts and unique details, which gave evidence to the time period it was built (1890s). The ceilings were my favorite part as they were completely covered with colorful intricate detail. This inspired an idea that I would like to use once when Rachael and I have our own home. Utilizing the ceiling for art! How fun this would be for kids, when they lie on the floor and stare at the ceiling, the d├ęcor could help trigger their imaginations to run wild!

Back to the wedding… For the wedding photography, we used the whole location. Shots before the wedding were shot inside and outside, and after the wedding I captured shots of just Bill and Janis walking around the grounds at the Mansion. We tried to get creative and went with any ideas that sounded fun. At one point Janis needed some time to adjust her hair/makeup, so she handed Bill her bouquet and stepped aside. I told Bill to smile and kept shooting! In the end, the heart of the wedding was about Bill and Janis coming together to spend the rest of their lives together. From the genuine smiles I captured throughout the day, I believe its easy to see that they have a great life ahead of them! IMG_6003IMG_6023 IMG_6030 IMG_6051 IMG_6063 IMG_6077 IMG_6110 IMG_6130 IMG_8927 IMG_6216 IMG_8952

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