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October 15, 2009

Destination Wedding Photographer

Chelsi and Eric planned a beautiful destination wedding on the border of California and Arizona. It was held at a new resort out in the desert. This was my first destination wedding, and I cant wait to do another. It was a real blast and kind of turned into a semi-vacation.

My wife Rachael was my copilot and we had a great time together. Blasting music, telling jokes, talking about hair, etc… Oh yeah she really likes hair, and once she’s out of Paul Mitchell Hair School she wants to team up with me at weddings. Not shooting photos but styling awesome hair, as updos are her fav.

Back to the wedding story… Eric and Chelsi were a pleasure to photograph, and their happiness made it real easy to tell their story with photographs. Eric looked like the proudest guy in the world after the “I do”. And I could tell Chelsi had been looking forward to this day for sometime. The family, colors, weather, food, and everything came together for a perfect destination wedding.

IMG_0408 IMG_0412 IMG_0455 IMG_0547IMG_0557And here is Eric, the groom, getting ready below!!! Well, mentally at least, its important have a clear head when you get up to that alter!!! IMG_0459 IMG_0554IMG_0624 IMG_0640 IMG_0647 IMG_0660 IMG_0729 IMG_0738 IMG_0763 IMG_0773 IMG_0811-2 IMG_0842-2This last shot was requested by the resort, as this was there first wedding. So after being escorted by security onto the roof, I leaned over the edge until Rachael’s grip on my shirt wouldn't let me out any farther, and I took the shot. I don't know what she was worried about, it was only 4 stories high!!!

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