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October 10, 2009

USD Wedding Photography

A local San Diego Wedding Photographer and close friend, Al Wilson, asked if I would be the second shooter at Joel and Heather’s wedding. Excited to have this opportunity to shoot a wedding at USD, I jumped at it. It was a traditional Catholic Wedding Ceremony. My job was to capture images from a different vantage point and focus on the groom’s side of the wedding story. IMG_0162USD Wedding Ceremony USD church wedding wedding flowers USD groomsmen

Ever heard of a grooms-women (see photo above)? Its a new wedding fad!!! j/k It was just one of those details that made this traditional wedding unique.

IMG_0259 IMG_0183 IMG_0190 IMG_0195

Having a wedding at USD, need a USD Wedding Photographer? Hire a photographer who has shot their before, like me!!! I discovered the balcony is great for a wide angle shots and the side entrances towards the front are also very useful. Oh yeah, and the spot behind the altar that is invisible to the guests, but great for close ups of the couple during the ceremony.

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