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October 8, 2009

Yosemite Valley Camping Trip

Our trip to Yosemite this year was a blast! We tent camped in Upper Pines with some of our friends and family. Our favorites of the week were rock climbing, rafting, hiking, and just hanging around the campfire singing worship songs.

One of my bestest friends in the whole wide world was there… 4 year old Izzy! We actually have a lot in common… we both love getting dirty, playing hide and seek, and most of all marshmallows! In fact he loves marshmallows so much that, he took the special smelling markers, specifically the one that smells like marshmallows and coated his finger real good. The rest of the day he could smell marshmallows when ever he wanted! One night, the whole campfire deal didnt happen, but that didn't stop Izzy. he went and found a bag and then sat next to me and shared. I think I had two… he had seven, and we are talking the large mallows!!!


Can you see the marshmallow scented marker painted on his right hand!!! Pretty creative kid if you ask me!IMG_5779 IMG_5291Baby Claire was also a lot of fun! IMG_5363 IMG_5383 And of course we couldn’t leave without going into the Ansel Adams gallery. The photos in there are spectacular and inspiring. Definitely one of my favorite photographers of all time. IMG_5388

I got to go fishing with the guys one day… Ok, I didnt fish, I brought my camera and tripod instead! ;)

IMG_5438 IMG_5333

This is Claire enjoying the dirt in Yosemite!!! And then we have Beacher, heck who uses a spoon when your camping, besides its yogurt, just use your hands!!!

IMG_5585 IMG_5671

That’s me on the left and Rach way up there on the right. Yep she made it to the top too, no problem. I think this route was a 5-9 and went about 100ft high. Getting to the top was cool cause you could see above the tree line, and man what a view! Thanks again Naomi!


What do you think this deer is saying? Please leave a funny comment below!!!


Celeste said...

BEAUTIFUL pictures!! So inspirtational! I'm a fellow Temecula/Murrietan also. Take care!


Brad said...


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