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January 30, 2010

Duff Family Photography Session

I had a great time hanging out with the Duffs and capturing some family photographs! They are a very comedic bunch and I think I was smiling more often than them, hahaha! At one point I was adjusting some settings on my camera and then when I looked up to take a shot Byron was holding up a mask with two eye holes that he had made out of a palm branch! :) I couldn't stop laughing!!!

Aubree and Joseph are getting married this summer, so I will probably get to capture some more family shots of them soon! You can tell from the photos below that they are all a very tight knit bunch. I know a lot of times these days once the kids grow up they move far far away. So it was inspiring to see a family that has stuck together through the years. After all, family is forever!

Duff_Fam-001 Duff_Fam-006 Duff_Fam-016Duff_Fam-020 Duff_Fam-018Duff_Fam-027 Duff_Fam-031 Duff_Fam-035 Duff_Fam-038 Duff_Fam-042 Duff_Fam-046 Duff_Fam-050 Duff_Fam-053 Duff_Fam-051Duff_Fam-062 Duff_Fam-066 Duff_Fam-068

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