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June 22, 2010

Country Style Wedding in Valley Center

What a blast it was photographing Rebecca and Matt in my hometown, Valley Center, located in San Diego County. It was a lot of fun knowing almost everyone in the bridal party and in attendance at the wedding. It was such a blessing getting to capture two of my friends getting married!

Their wedding definitely had a warm country feel to it! The ceremony took place in a cute little church next to the Valley Center High School. It was a beautiful day with blue skies and everyone had a smile on their face. :) Of course there is always an obstacle for the bride and groom at the wedding. As a professional wedding photographer in Valley Center I know this, so I come prepared with my bridal emergency kit!

The issue was with the wedding ring… it wouldn't fit onto Rebecca’s left ring finger. Neither a Tide-to-go stick or safety pins were going to fix that! Matt tried sliding it on with Windex but it just wouldn't go. But, that didn't stop Rebecca from getting married or from having the time of her life.

The wedding reception was held outside at Bates Nut Farm. Ive got to give a shout-out to Terri Devlin and her girls, because they did an amazing job setting everything up. I was also very impressed once again with the food prepared by Stroh Catering… DELICIOUS! Im not sure who designed the floral arrangements but they were also beautiful and fit nicely with Rebecca’s Country style wedding. Another wedding expert that did an amazing job was Teresa who styled Rebecca’s hair, she also did an excellent job!

One of the best parts about a reception at Bates is the photo opportunities. There are 200 year old oak trees, windy country roads, and old red barns. I could have spent 10 hours shooting Bridal portraits! We only took an hour but it was very rewarding. So many great photo opportunities, you can check out some of them yourself below.

 IMG_3019 IMG_3037 IMG_3051 IMG_3072-2 IMG_3077 IMG_3082 IMG_3088 IMG_3105 IMG_3117 IMG_3122 IMG_3137 IMG_3146 IMG_3156 IMG_3168 IMG_3176 IMG_3188 IMG_2910 IMG_3213 IMG_3239IMG_3287 IMG_3294 IMG_3300 IMG_3319-2 IMG_3323-2 IMG_3329IMG_3340 IMG_3346 IMG_3354-2IMG_3365IMG_3372IMG_3374 IMG_3385 Matt Reb_Wed-376aIMG_3551IMG_3577 IMG_3584 IMG_3637 IMG_3676 Taking off for a honeymoon in Hawaii… Im jealous!

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