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June 5, 2010

Temecula Wedding Photography at Ponte Winery

What a beautiful wedding Tina and Ken had at Ponte Winery. It was springtime and getting to capture their wedding was a real treat. The colors were vibrant and the emotions were contagious. What a great day to be their Temecula Wedding Photographer.

I have so many cute stories from their wedding Im not sure where to start? Maybe the candle ceremony in the wind, the doll with amputated hands and feet, or the last minute origami project! Once again proving that every wedding is unique and special! As a Temecula wedding photographer I get to shoot a lot at the local wineries. Even though the venue might be the same as last week, the photos never are.

The day started with a little rain while I was driving to Ponte Winery. I quickly turned around and headed back for my rain gear, which ended up being useless because the rain was short lived and the clouds passed. Though the day was very eventful, lets skip to the main event… Tina and Ken tieing the knot!

Tina is not only a gorgeous bride but she also has the heart of an angel. In fact both Ken and Tina and both of their families were so sweet to me. Weddings are such an intimate affair, and when your subjects treat you like family, it makes it so much fun to capture the emotions and feelings of the day. At the altar, I think Tina’s dad got something in his eye. Actually, maybe something got into both of them because they were watering pretty good!!! But seriously, it was such a momentous occasion and I am so happy for Tina and Ken!

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If you're getting married, I would love to be considered for photographing your BIG day. Its one of the most special days of your lives and capturing those priceless moments are so important. Hire someone you who you can trust and who will make being yourself in front of the camera easy… hire me!

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