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June 30, 2009

Beach Engagement Session at Wood's Cove

CRASH. And suddenly we are wet up to our knees! Thats the power of the shore-break at Wood's Cove. You walk down to the waters edge assuming the next wave will be similar to the last, and then when you least expect it, a cold sandy surprise!

NEW! Engagement Session Tip #47 - Bring a change of clothes!

Photographing Bill and Janis' Engagement Session was a blast. In addition to the beautiful beach location in Laguna Beach and the great natural light, I had great models! Bill and Janis were all smiles and it was very easy capturing what makes them happy... each other!

As a Temecula Wedding Photographer and surfer I love beach engagement sessions. I have a blast getting creative in the sand and capturing that glow often shining from a newly engaged couple! If you know anybody, that recently has been engaged or going to be engaged I would be greateful for your referal. Thanks so much! - Patrick

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