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June 4, 2009

Mariachi Band Photo Shoot

I specialize in weddings, but that doesnt mean I cant help people needing photographs of other subjects! As a photographer who can be found through Google search, its understanable to get random calls for unique opportunities, such as this case. A local mariachi band, Duetos 2 Los Compas, callled needing cover photo for their new CD they wanted to release in a few days.

The request was for a white background, at night, with good portait light and instant viewing. Well, I usually shoot on location, with a photojournalistic style, with months of planning, and a couple of weeks to deliver. But sure; umm ya, I guess I can figure something out... famous last words right?!!!

So at 10pm at night we opened my garage, isolated a white wall and setup for the shoot. While they were cleaned up by the hair and makeup artist, I played around with my off camera speedlight and a make-shift background light. Ill admit I was improvising a bit but I was able to deliver the images the client wanted. And apparently, my name is on the back of their cd!!!
Im not going to lie, I love experiencing different cultures and I enjoy all kinds of music. These guys were fun loving and enjoying life. I hope one day to get to see them in action. From the looks of their calendar they are completely booked, playing more than 6 shows per month. I hope to get to shoot their next album's cover photo!

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