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September 6, 2010

Intimate Temecula Wedding | Photography by Anibaldi Studio

With every photography opportunity I get in Temecula, the more and more this place grows on me. This past weekend I got to capture an intimate wedding at the grooms personal estate. It was a hot summer day and you could here the bees buzzing and the trees blowing in the breeze that visits Temecula every day. The DJ was wearing flip flops and playing some Iz, and I have a hunch his water bottle was filled with a mai tai! ;) But the combination of the elements, had me falling in love with the comfortable atmosphere here in Temecula. If you are looking for a professional wedding photographer in Temecula I hope you will consider me.

The wedding was great, and there were so many special moments that I was able to capture. In fact, my challenge with this wedding was to capture candids… only! Yes the bride and groom don't like pictures or the pressure and time it takes creating them. So I was hired to take photos by someone who doesn't like photos! One reason I call Wedding Photographs an investment is because their value grow in time. Obviously, the day after your wedding you remember almost everything, however 10 years later you begin to rely on your pictures quite a bit more. So I think through the years the bride and groom will be happier and happier they decided to have a photographer at their wedding.

The wedding was planned and Coordinated by Becca. She was amazing! She had some great help too, including Kelly and Cindi who did a fantastic job with setting and making everything run so smoothly. The food was exceptional and I loved the heirloom tomatoes Cindi had me try. Honestly though, I think I would eat anything with mozzarella cheese on it! Oh yeah, and of course the Hair! My friend Holly did an amazing job too!

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