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September 29, 2010

Eclectic Style Wedding | Photography by Anibaldi Studio

People might say that you don't know what love is until your 18? Or even 21?  I beg to differ and so do Britt and Matt. They’ve been going steady since 5th grade and just got married this month! What a cute love story they will get to tell their grandkids someday!

I love Brittany and Matt’s eclectic style and how they incorporated that into their wedding. The suits, shoes, dress and venue all just went together so well. The Hidden Hacienda is probably my favorite wedding venue period. The vintage style their is so cool. And I love how everything is real and nothing is ‘manufactured’. This was my second time getting to be the Hidden Hacienda Wedding Photographer, and I cant wait for the next time!

My favorite memory from photographing Brittany and Matt’s wedding was this little boy. When I take photos of kids I usually like to show them their picture and see how they react. Usually they want me to take another! However, this little boy wanted to take some for himself. I didn't think anything of it until the reception when I saw he had borrowed a camera! He was following me around taking pictures on the dance floor just like me! It was awesome! After a while he had inspired a few more of the other little kids. So he had his own little fan club following him around. You can see the photos of him below.

When i first heard the song I used for their slideshow I instantly thought of Matt and Britt’s wedding. In fact, I have been saving it just for them! Because, Matt and Britt are like “two atoms in a molecule inseparably entwined”!

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